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Spyro 2: Giantslayer Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro 2: Giantslayer Guide  

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Spyro 2: Giantslayer Guide

Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage (Remaster) - Giantslayer Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Defeat every Earthshaper in Fracture Hills [Silver]

This takes place in Fracture Hills. To unlock this trophy you need to kill every Earthshaper in the level, huge rocky creatures that are taking the Fauns captive. You can only attempt this trophy once you've acquired the Headbash skill from Moneybags for 1,000 gems in Winter Tundra. Once you have, return here and take on the Alchemist challenge. This challenge spans over two parts: for the first part you need to create a path for the Alchemist to walk on by charging the Earthshapers that are blocking his path. Charge the Earthshapers to take them out of the pathway and bring the Alchemist's formula to Hunter to free him and receive an orb. After freeing him, you can start the second part of the challenge and this is where you will need the Headbash skill to kill the Earthshapers that Hunter will knock out with his bow. Once all Earthshapers are killed, the challenge will end and you'll get the orb. After this challenge, if you haven't already, you can go around the level and push the remaining Earthshpers into the lava to unlock the trophy. You can also do this after unlocking the Permanent Superflame power-up at the end of the game.


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