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Spyro 2: Conservationist 2 Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro 2: Conservationist 2 Guide  

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Spyro 2: Conservationist 2 Guide

Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage (Remaster) - Conservationist 2 Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Complete Gulp's Overlook without harming fodder [Gold]

This takes place in the boss level "Gulp's Overlook" which is the final level of the Autumn Plains World. To access it, you must have beaten every other level in Autumn Plains World. Just like Conservationist 1, this time you must defeat the second boss "Gulp" without consuming any fodder (represented by sheep in this level). Fodder is what keeps Sparx (the dragonfly following Spyro) healthy and it can be either flamed or charged through. Just be careful not to kill any fodder (sheep) yourself.

The best way to avoid getting hit completely (Sparx is bright yellow color). Then no fodder can spawn. No fodder = no way to kill it by accident. Gulp would only eat the fodder, thus replenishing his health and making this fight a lot longer and harder. If you get hit near the end (Gulp has only 2-3 health points left) it's okay, just try to defeat him before the birds bring in any fodder.


1. The fight always starts with Gulp charging at you. When he does that, run past his side (hold :square: to run) just before Gulp jumps off the ground. If you time it right he will always miss you. Don't just run in circles around him, actually stand still and wait until he's about to jump at you and then start charging to his side.

2. First some barrels will spawn, charge at them to throw them at Gulp.

3. Gulp now starts shooting his green plasma cannon at you. This is easy to avoid. Just retreat to the edge of the arena and stand completely still. When he shoots the laser, walk forward to the right, then walk forward to the left. Rinse and repeat until the birds drop explosives. They will first drop bombs which you must flame.

4. In the third wave the birds will start dropping rockets. Always wait until they have dropped two of them! Pick one up but don't shoot it yet. Run over to the second rocket. Shoot the one you're holding at Gulp. Then immediately pick up the other rocket and shoot that at Gulp, too! This way you can take away two of his health points at once, just be quick enough before Gulp jumps up as he will destroy all attack items in the arena.

5. Rinse and repeat. Always pick up two rockets to take down 2 health points at once. Stand at the edge and walk forward right / forward left to dodge the plasma cannon, wait for 2 rockets to drop, repeat. Near the end, Gulp will start shooting 4-6 plasma shots at you but you can use the same tactic of moving right and left to avoid them.


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