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Spyro 2: Bug Control Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro 2: Bug Control Guide  

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Spyro 2: Bug Control Guide

Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage (Remaster) - Bug Control Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Defeat all Dracklets in one Superflight [Silver]

This takes place in Crystal Glacier. One of the orb challenges here requires you to kill 18 ferocious, green, slimy spiders found in the large caves of the level while using the fly power-up. The power-up gate is found at the end of the level and you must have killed 15 enemies to unlock it.
You need to kill all 18 spiders (Dracklets) in one glide without touching the ground and without missing any spider. This trophy requires precision and timing because missing even one spider means having to redo the challenge from scratch. This is because these slimy creatures regenerate if you don't kill them all in one single glide. Bear also in mind that the power-up time limit is not generous at all, meaning that you will only have just enough time to finish the challenge in one go. You won't have enough time to finish the course if you backtrack because you have missed one or more spiders. This will take some practice and several tries. If you miss a spider, fly in the water to let Spyro drown, then you respawn at the start of the challenge right away.


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