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Spyro: Scrap Metal Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro: Scrap Metal Guide  

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Spyro: Scrap Metal Guide

Spyro 1: The Dragon (Remaster) - Scrap Metal Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Defeat all Tin Soldiers [Silver]

This takes place in Haunted Towers of the Dream Weavers world. In Haunted Towers are Tin Soldiers that can only be killed with a special flame power that is given to you by a fairy after she kisses you. When you get kissed by such fairy, run around the level and flame all Tin Soldiers. You will need to do this several times as the effect of the kiss lasts only for a limited amount of time. Make sure to Supercharge your way to the secret area as here are more Tin Soldiers to kill with the Special fire. You'll find a kissing fairy at the top of the secret area after you've avoided all Soldiers that will give you Permanent Special Fire. In fact, you can always wait to get to this area before flaming all Tin Soldiers in the level. This way you won't have to worry about the time limit.

You must also destroy the remains of old Tin Soldiers (e.g. at the very start of the level to the left of where you land).


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