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Spyro: Rocketeer Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro: Rocketeer Guide  

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Spyro: Rocketeer Guide

pyro 1: The Dragon (Remaster) - Rocketeer Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Light 3 fireworks within 15 seconds [Bronze]

This takes place in Terrace Village, a level from the Beast Makers world. After rescuing Claude, you'll see a rocket on your right. For this trophy do NOT flame this rocket yet. Instead, proceed to the end of the level but do not go through the portal back to the homeworld yet. At the level end, climb up to the roof and then fly in the direction you came from to land on a hidden rooftop with some red gems and metal chests on it. At the end of the roof you'll find the 2nd and 3rd rocket very close to each. These roofs are very close to the area where you saved Claude. Flame those two rockets on the rooftop and quickly drop down to the rocket near Claude and flame that one, too. If done correctly and under 15 seconds, the trophy will pop.

If for some reason the trophy didn't pop, exit the level (either by finishing it or by exiting it via pause menu) and replay the level to make the 3 rockets respawn. You can try this as often as you want, the rockets will respawn on each replay so this isn't missable.


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