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Kingdom Hearts 3: Datascraper Guide

Tutorial Name: Kingdom Hearts 3: Datascraper Guide  

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Datascraper Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Datascraper Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Get an A rank on both Flash Tracer courses. [Bronze]

The Flash Tracer courses are found in San Fransokyo.
The first is in South District on a big bridge, the second is in North District on a skyscraper that has blue neon lights around it at night. You talk to the NPCs in these spots to start the courses.

Flash Tracer Course #1 (South District - 60,000 Points for A-Rank): This is the easier one. Just finish it as quickly as possible to get a time bonus of 25,000 or greater and get all the rings directly on your path. Ignore optional rings that you don't necessarily have to fly or fall through (e.g. the ones around the 3 poles at the very start are optional and should be skipped in favor of time).

Flash Tracer Course #2 (North District - 75,000 Poits for A-Rank): This is again geared heavily towards time. Equip a keyblade with high magic stats and also equip accessories that improve your magic stat. Kill all enemies using Thundaga (in Customize Menu assign it to a button for quick use). Also equip Hi-Ether (or normal Ether) to replenish magic. The enemies should die instantly from one use of Thundaga. If you have trouble, level up some more by replaying battle gates after the story. Also equip the high-jump ability (ability menu) so you can get the rings high in the air during the rail slide. On the last rooftop where lots of enemies spawn you can use the carousel attraction to take them out quickly.


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