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Kingdom Hearts 3: Festive Dancer Guide

Tutorial Name: Kingdom Hearts 3: Festive Dancer Guide  

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Festive Dancer Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Festive Dancer Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Score at least 70,000 pts. in the Festival Dance. [Bronze]

World: Kingdom of Corona
Area: The Kingdom Thoroughfare

You can only play this minigame after having beaten the Kingdom of Corona world for the first time. Then you can fast travel back to this world and go to "The Kingdom Thoroughfare" fast travel point. Go to the market square where you danced during the story and talk to Rapunzel. She lets you replay the dance, except this time you can earn a highscore! During the story dance you couldn't earn any points.

Dance with the townsfolk by pressing : when they have a blue circle or Circle when they have a red circle. Then press Square on the 3 pink circles that appear. Go to the next person, dance with them, go through the 3 pink circles and repeat. If you do it correctly, pressing Square on the 3 pink circles will give you +3 seconds. Only press the buttons when you're in the middle of the circle so you do 3 button presses total (1 per circle). If you just mash the buttons it may not give you bonus time. So try not to miss any pink circles and only do one button press per circle.

When you take a dancing partner, let go of the left stick for just a moment. It will automatically put you on the path to the next 3 pink circles. If you hold the left stick what can happen is that you press in the opposite direction of where the pink circles appear. The game puts you on the path automatically, but you still need to readjust a little bit with the left stick after the circles have appeared.

Do NOT press Triangle on the barrels! They cost you way too much time. The goal is to maximize your chain by dancing with as many people as possible and get as many time bonuses as possible. With a 80+ chain you are sure to get 70,000+ points at the end.

Dance until there's only 1 second left on the timer. Then press Triangle to make everyone come together for one final dance. Even though time has run out it will let you keep doing this special dance. It will really bump up your chain multiplier and give you another 15,000 points or more. All you do there is press X on the blue and Circle on the red circles. Press the buttons when you're in the middle of the circle, otherwise it sometimes doesn't count properly if you press too early or too late.


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