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Devil May Cry 5: Who Needs Weapons Anyway Guide

Tutorial Name: Devil May Cry 5: Who Needs Weapons Anyway Guide  

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Devil May Cry 5: Who Needs Weapons Anyway Guide

Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) - Who Needs Weapons Anyway? Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Clear Mission 11 without equipping a weapon set for Dante (any difficulty except Heaven or Hell). [Bronze]

First you must beat the game on Son of Sparda difficulty and then again on Dante Must Die difficulty.
Beating the game on Son of Sparda unlocks Dante's skill "Irregular Full Custom". It can then be bought for 100 Red Orbs from the shop. It lets you completely unequip all weapons. However, the problem is you can't attack with bare fists. So we must beat the game again on Dante Must Die to unlock the "Super Dante" Costume which gives you Infinite Devil Trigger. Then you can use your 2nd Devil Transformation to spawn powerful weapons.

After you have beaten the game on Dante Must Die, do the following:

1) Load up Mission 11 on Human Difficulty
2) Choose "Super Dante" Costume
3) Buy skill "Irregular Full Custom"
4) Unequip all Swords and Guns in the Shop
5) In the Mission Screen press R1 / R2 to switch to the empty weapon preset
6) Start the mission. Hold L1 to activate Devil Form. Use it to destroy all Blood Clots and kill all enemies on your path. That's it!

After beating the Mission 11 boss the trophy will unlock. Just be sure there are no weapons in your inventory at all (also not your sword and not Ebony & Ivory pistols).


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