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Devil May Cry 5: Pet Protection Guide

Tutorial Name: Devil May Cry 5: Pet Protection Guide  

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Devil May Cry 5: Pet Protection Guide

Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) - Pet Protection Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Clear Mission 05 without V's demons getting stalemated (any difficulty except Heaven or Hell). [Bronze]

The only hard part in Mission 05 is the endboss. You can't let your two shadow pets Griffon & Shadow go down. In the top left corner you can see their health bars. Luckily, their health instantly recovers when summoning the Nightmare with L1 / LB (requires 3 purple bars of Devil Trigger). Always summon the Nightmare when your demons' health gets low. You'll also want to buy these skills to make things easier: Griffon Vigor, Griffon Vigor 2, Shadow Vigor, Shadow Vigor 2.
This gives your pets much more health. The ability "Trigger Heart" is also useful as it makes the DT Gauge deplete at a reduced rate when you summon the Nightmare, so that it lasts longer.

Start Mission 05 on the lowest difficulty "Human" with the above skills equipped. At the endboss, when he powers up an attack, retreat so your pets don't get hit. If one of your pet's health is below 50% summon the Nightmare real quick with L1 / LB . This instantly restores the full health of your pets. Immediately press L1 / LB again to make the Nightmare go away. Repeat when health drops again. Other than that you'll mainly want to attack the boss with Shadow (melee). He does much more damage than Griffon (ranged). It may take a few tries. If you're having trouble, play through the game on higher difficulties first to get a good feel for the boss, then come back to this later on Human difficulty.


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