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The Division 2: Taste of the Exotic Guide

Tutorial Name: The Division 2: Taste of the Exotic Guide  

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The Division 2: Taste of the Exotic Guide

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Taste of the Exotic Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Craft an exotic weapon or item. [Silver]

The easiest way is to craft the exotic D50 Desert Eagle. It's important that you have a high-end (yellow rarity) D50 Pistol because it's needed to craft it into the Exotic version. Watch out for this from the beginning of the game! Otherwise you might end up having to farm for it forever. There are multiple steps to craft the exotic D50.

1) Get the 4 Exotic Pistol Parts from these missions:
    - Capitol Building Stronghold (Story Difficulty) - dropped by mid-mission boss
    - ViewPoint Museum (Hard Difficulty) - dropped by endboss
    - American History Museum (Hard Difficulty) - dropped by endboss
    - Space Administration HQ (Hard Difficulty) - dropped by endboss

2) Along with the 4th part it automatically drops the blueprint for Exotic D50 Pistol (guaranteed drop). The last thing you need to craft this blueprint is a high-end (yellow rarity) D50 Pistol. It's a random drop. Pay attention to this from the start of the game, if you find one put it in the storage box for later. Otherwise you need to farm for it until it randomly drops. Then craft it at the workbench. You must upgrade the workbench 2 times to craft high-end & exotic items.


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