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The Division 2: Undressed to Kill Guide

Tutorial Name: The Division 2: Undressed to Kill Guide  

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The Division 2: Undressed to Kill Guide

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Undressed to Kill Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Destroy every piece of a tank's armor, then eliminate the tank. [Gold]

Tanks are heavily armored enemies. They are the biggest enemies in the game.

They have armor around every body part. Shoot off the armor around the arms, legs, upper body, head. This is best done in solo play. When playing with others they might kill the tank too soon. After one piece of armor is destroyed focus on the next armor part. Don't shoot unprotected body parts as it will result in the tank dying before you can shoot off all armor. Fully automatic weapons (Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, SMGs) work best for this.

An easy spot is in Main Mission "American History Museum" on Story difficulty. Here during the objective "Defeat True Sons reinforcements" you encounter one tank that shoots grenades at you. Make sure you're playing solo for this! Take out all other enemies first. Then dodge his grenades until he needs to reload. Get really close to him so you can aim precisely and shoot a body part with a fully automatic weapon. Dodge his next grenades until he needs to reload again and repeat. Be very careful only to hit armor, never any unprotected parts. If you defeated him but missed an armor part, kill yourself with a grenade to restart the checkpoint.


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