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Level 22 - OV40

Tutorial Name: Level 22 - OV40  

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To complete the puzzle of OV40, you will need to open and collect all four puzzle pieces that are inside of the safes in levels 4-1 to 4-4. OV40 is a giant robot who creates smaller robots.

OV40 is the boss for level 4-5. Video guide on how to defeat OV40.

World 4

Code: 182124
Location: As soon as the level starts go up and to the right. You can see the safe near where the vending machines are. After sneaking past the first moving scientist, go through the door and there will be a secret hallway to the right of the window. Follow the hallway to the safe.

Code: 751125
Location: As you progress through the level you will unlock the light saber. Now sneak your way past the scientist at the window. Once you have made it to the other side, defeat the android with the light saber and walking into the corner where the android was standing. Hit the hidden switch twice to active the conveyor belt, it will take you to a hidden room with the safe.

Code: 836773
Location: From the starting area go left and through the left door way of the 'ASCII'. The safe will be guarded by an android. Distract the android with the eraser launcher with is found outside in the balcony, and then kill it with the light saber.

Code: 419715
Location: After picking up the cardboard box and being carried through the level by the janitor, you'll be placed in front of the orange staircase door. DO NOT go through the door yet, instead move the vending machine to reveal the safe.


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