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Level 22 - GNITH

Tutorial Name: Level 22 - GNITH  

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To complete the puzzle of Gnith, you will need to open and collect all four puzzle pieces that are inside of the safes in levels 3-1 to 3-4 . Gnith is an office urban legend of a beast who lives in the basement and burns paper.

Gnith is the boss for level 3-5. Video guide on how to defeat Gnith.

World 3

Code: 321310
Location: After sneaking past the two security guards in the beginning, you pass a small room with a green radioactive barrel inside it. Go through the very first door to enter an office with a security guard sitting on his computer. The safe is behind the plant. Stand in front of the plant to put in the code.

Code: 242526
Location: You will need to pick up the laxative after riding the conveyor belt for the first time. Once you have picked up go back to the beginning of the level and go left to find a box of donuts. Use the laxative on the donut to make a laxative donut. After doing so, make your way to the room across from the bathroom and drop the laxative donut on the floor to distract the security. You have to do this in order to exit the level.

Code: 224445
Location: (No description. This safe location is very complicated to explain and can take two paragraphs to explain. See "LUCA" above for the location of the safe. Thank you.)

Code: 131825
Location: As soon as the level starts go down and to the left to pick up the eraser launcher. After picking it up go back up and shoot the co-worker standing inside the office. He will turn around letting you enter the office. The safe is to the right of the locker.


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