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LEGO DC Super-Villains - Read All About It

Tutorial Name: LEGO DC Super-Villains - Read All About It  

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There are 100 Minikits throughout all of the levels. Each level consist of 5 minikits. You don't need certain characters to start collecting you can go into free play after you've completed each level to replay them.

It is suggested to get the Minikit Detector which can be found in Level 5, 'Arkham Barely Believe It'. The location is when you are fighting the Doctor Hugo Strange monster. On the minimap, about 10 o'clock, you'll find a gold grate to melt. Go through the vent into a room and head left. Use a strong character on the wall. From here fly up and complete the mini game. This will lower a cage of henchman so use Joker to recruit them, pull the wall and bam minikit. 'Save and Exit' the level or finish finding all collectibles. Now go to the red brick store and purchase the Minikit Detector and activate it from the menu.

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To view all the minikit newspapers, fast travel to the Daily Planet. Once inside there will be a wall of newspapers where you can look at each cover. Once you've read them all the achievement should unlock.


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