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Days Gone: Burnout Apocalypse Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Days Gone: Burnout Apocalypse Trophy Guide  

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Days Gone: Burnout Apocalypse Trophy Guide

Days Gone - Burnout Apocalypse Trophy Guide - Use nitro and drift at the same time on your bike for at least 5 seconds [Bronze]

This trophy requires the Nitrous 3 upgrade for your bike. The Nitrous 2 upgrade won't work because the boost only lasts 4.5 seconds. The Nitrous 3 upgrade lasts for over 6 seconds.

Step 1: Buy the Nitrous 3 upgrade from the 4th camp "Diamond Lake" in the Crater Lake Region. This requires you to reach Trust Level 3 with this camp first. Do all Story Missions & Encampment Jobs there (side quests) and then kill all Hordes in Highway 97 region. This is best done after the story because then the Hordes get marked on the map automatically. Use the Chicago Chopper gun to kill Hordes quickly (bought at 5th camp "Wizard Island").

Step 2: Once you got the Nitrous 3 upgrade you can do the trophy. You must drift in a big circle (driving a donut with the front wheel locked in place doesn't count). You need to speed up just a little bit. Then hold LEFT STICK + R2 + CIRCLE + X . This will take some practice and the tracking for this may be a bit off. It can take an hour of trial and error before it unlocks. See the video for the drift and an easy location to do it.


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