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Killing Floor 2 - Nobel Prize for Destruction

Tutorial Name: Killing Floor 2 - Nobel Prize for Destruction  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

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The collectibles on this map are in the form of gold trophies. Shoot 10 to unlock this achievement. Refer to "Catacombs Cash" in the main guide for more information.

The collectibles on this map aren't available all at once. You start in the first area and then when you complete the wave and get to the exit (drop down an elevator shaft), you spawn in one of 9 other areas. There are 10 different non-boss areas and they are completely randomized, so if you are following the video below, it might not be in the same order as the game you are playing. This is a similar design to the map 'The Descent' from the base game.

Each area has 1-4 collectibles so there is a possibility you will not unlock this achievement until Wave 4 or 5. It is recommended that you play a Long game (10 waves) on Normal as the more powerful enemies don't show up until later waves, plus it will give you more opportunity to obtain all the gold trophies before a boss wave.


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