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Killing Floor 2 - Catacombs Cash

Tutorial Name: Killing Floor 2 - Catacombs Cash  

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The collectibles on this map are in the form of Dosh symbols on a necklace and all are available as soon as you start the map. Shoot 10 to unlock this achievement.

Collectibles can be found whether playing solo or with a team. It is suggested you collect these on Normal difficulty. Each map has an achievement to find 10 collectibles. In about half the maps, the collectible is, among other things, a ventriloquist doll, an eyeball, a soap-on-a-rope or a plush doll. The remaining maps have a necklace with a dosh symbol (the in-game currency) on it. Make sure you are looking for the correct collectible on each map. Also, there are more than 10 collectibles on each map but each achievement will unlock when you've collected just 10. All 10 need to be collected in the same game.

Some collectibles are easily located while others are well hidden. For your convenience, each of the collectible achievements has a video showing the locations of the collectibles needed for that achievement.

A strategy that is recommended is when you are trying to locate the collectibles, kill every Zed and leave a Bloat alive as it is the slowest. Then you'll be free to search at your leisure.

Remember, if playing with a team, anyone playing can get the collectibles and it will count for everyone.


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