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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Beat Col

Tutorial Name: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Beat Col  

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Adventure Mode - Level 12: Gate Dash
Ship Configuration: Collect

You are allowed to die while getting this achievement, but doing so makes attaining this score extremely difficult. The first 10-20 gates are VERY important. If you are very unlucky and they spawn very far apart, restart the game as this wastes too much time. Keep in mind that there are a limited amount of gates screen at any given time, and you will need to pass through one in order for the next ones to spawn. With about 20 seconds left, the game will begin to spawn yellow gates which are incredibly important as they give 10 times the amount of points that a normal gate does. These gates are on a timer, and will disappear rapidly if you do not get them. If you are able to go from gate to gate to gate very quickly while also picking up 5+ yellow gates along the way, you should be able to reach this high score which is the easiest out of all the other developer score based achievements. I was able to get 6.7 million points, but it should be noted that almost half of them were attained within the last five seconds of the game.


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