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Dishonored 2 - Flesh and Steel

Tutorial Name: Dishonored 2 - Flesh and Steel  

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This achievement is missable should you choose to accept The Outsider's gift/mark during the dream sequence before Mission 2, Edge of the World.

It's without a doubt that this is the hardest achievement in the game given players cannot rely on the advantageous traversal power of Blink/Far Reach to sneak around the missions more stealthily. Truthfully, this is the only power that is a shame to not have. While Dark Vision is helpful for situational awareness, Mesmerize and Doppelgnger for distractions, and Possession or Domino for ease of bypassing enemy-occupied territory, there are plenty of base solutions that can replace these powers. All you'll really need during a "No Powers" playthrough is the crossbow, sleeping bolts, regular bolts, glass bottles, and your hands.

As the roadmap suggests, this "No Powers" run should also focus on stacking "Ghost" and "Clean Hands." These two achievements essentially encourage avoiding enemy contact unless absolutely necessary, meaning players won't really need powers to deal with hostiles. There are always multiple paths that lead to an objective; explore, move slowly, and keep your eyes peeled. More often than not, you will be able to reach your objective undetected and unscathed in the same manner you would have had you possessed The Outsider's gift.

Additionally, the non-lethal methods in taking down mission targets are rather simplified and never truly benefit from having powers, again proving that supernatural gift is more of a bonus than a necessity. As previously mentioned, sleeping darts will be your go-to for dealing with enemies at a distance, while glass bottles and regular crossbow bolts act as distractions to lure enemies away from their posts. It'll take a great amount patience and exploration to get through each mission without powers, especially if you're stacking this with no detections and no kills, but by the time you've returned to the throne room in Dunwall Tower, you will find supernatural powers were never really necessary to complete your objectives.

Naturally, please refer to both "Ghost" and "Clean Hands" for additional tips where needed. After dealing with Delilah at the end of Mission 9, Death to the Empress, and saving Corvo/Emily, this achievement will unlock.


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