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Dishonored 2 - Eureka

Tutorial Name: Dishonored 2 - Eureka  

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This achievement can be earned during Mission 6, The Dust District.

During Mission 6, The Dust District, your main objective will require you to crack the Jindosh lock that is blocking your advance to Aramis Stilton's manor; however, given the intense nature of the logic riddle that bars the door, you are tasked with obtaining the solution from the Howlers or the Overseers. While it may seem logical to drop a manual save, obtain the solution from either faction, and then reload the save to input the solution and unlock the door, that is not needed at all.

Thanks to Decaying Dead, you can follow the fool-proof solution below in order to crack the lock without the use of save manipulation. Each line item pair correlates to a single column of solutions when looking at the lock on the door. Simply plug in your riddle's "person" or "item" in the solution's bolded spot, and you should have no issues.

"__person__was at the far left."
"someone else carried a valuable __item__ and when she saw it..."

"__person__raised he __drink__in toast"
"when one of the guests bragged about her__item__..."

"They all wore difference colors an __person__ wore a jaunty__color__..."
"...at which the lady from __place__scoffed, saying it was no match for her__item__"

"Then__person__captivated them all with a story..."
*last remaining item*

"so__person__showed off a prized__item__"

Once the riddle has been solved, provided you solved it using the method above or via save manipulation (though, really, the above method is much faster), the achievement will unlock.


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