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Dishonored 2 - Silence

Tutorial Name: Dishonored 2 - Silence  

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This achievement can be earned during Mission 4, The Clockwork Mansion.

After entering the Jindosh Mansion, you will turn right and enter a large parlor-like display room. Normally, you would need to activate the lever on your right in order to reconfigure the room and gain access to the rest of the mansion; however, for this achievement, you cannot pull any levers at all because it alerts Jindosh of your presence in the mansion. What you'll need to do is look up at the ceiling and use your crossbow to shoot out a window pane in the skylight. Using Blink/Far Reach, you can now climb up onto the "roof" of this room and proceed to make your way through the mansion's inner walls, using blink when necessary to reach the higher levels.

Eventually you will come to a wall with three windows. On the other side of this wall are two guards; open a window and deal with the guards stealthily as to remain undetected. Keep in mind that getting detected at any point will void the achievement. Hitch a right in this room once the guards have been dealt with, move down the hallway and pass through the next room and out onto the balcony. Jump off the balcony and onto the metal pipes below, following them to the small landing on the right side of the mansion's outer wall. Crawl through the hatch on the landing and use the elevator in the small room you emerge within to reach the fourth floor.

Past the open doorway right in front you is a circular balcony that overlooks Jindosh's lab. The man himself can be seen on the far right, as well as a single patrolling Clockwork Soldier. Depending on your playstyle, use whatever means necessary to eliminate Jindosh quietly and, preferably, from afar (a crossbow bolt, a sleeping bolt, etc.). The achievement will unlock once Jindosh has been eliminated.

NOTE: This achievement cannot be paired with a "No Powers" playthrough since you will not have access to Blink/Far Reach in order to escape the first parlor undetected.


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