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Man of Medan: The name of this vessel Guide

Tutorial Name: Man of Medan: The name of this vessel Guide  

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Man of Medan: The name of this vessel Trophy / Achievement Guide

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan - The name of this vessel Trophy / Achievement Guide - Revealed the name of the ship [Bronze]

For this trophy you must first find two secrets (collectibles) on the same playthrough, which reveal the name of the ship. "Secret #41: Medan Hat" in "Chapter: Danny" & "Secret #42: Ship's Logbook" in "Chapter: Distress Signal". Then during the radio call in "Chapter: Distress Signal" you give your coordinates and need to turn the power back on. After the power comes back you can reveal the name of the ship over the radio.

Chapter: Danny (as Fliss): Pick up Secret #41: Medan Hat - it's right after a cutscene where Danny (pirate guy who's escorting Fliss), sees what looks like a sitting man. But it turns out it was only a bunch of empty sacks with a hat on them. Danny will knock off the hat during the cutscene. Afterward, Fliss can investigate that same hat.

Chapter: Distress Signal (as Alex): Pick up Secret #42: Ship's Logbook - it's found just after leaving the weather deck to climb upstairs. Then you must open a door by quickly pressing :square: and you'll enter the captain's cabin. There on a table is the logbook you need. This is just BEFORE the distress signal radio (just a few rooms before it).

Chapter: Distress Signal (as Alex): Activate the radio now. Pick dialogue "INSTRUCTIVE" to give your coordinates. Afterward, send Julia and Brad (or whoever else is available) down the hole. Alex has to stay back so that he can answer the radio call later when power is back on.

Chapter: Depths (as Brad / Julia): Turn the power back on. There's a power switch just after passing through an engine room, but before finding the rebreather. If you found the rebreather you went too far and must redo this via chapter select after finishing the story. After the power turns back on, Alex will reveal the ship's name "Ourang Medan". The trophy will pop immediately during the cutscene.

You can keep track of your progress towards this trophy in the pause menu under the bearing "Military Bandwith" (visible after doing the first step for this trophy).


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