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Man of Medan: Aye, aye captain Guide

Tutorial Name: Man of Medan: Aye, aye captain Guide  

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Man of Medan: Aye, aye captain Trophy / Achievement Guide

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan - Aye, aye captain Trophy / Achievement Guide - Unlocked Fliss's Arrogant Trait [Bronze]

Chapter: Pressure

First, Fliss and Brad must recognize each other at the end of "Chapter: Ritual" and leave together. In order to do this:

- Brad stayed undetected on the boat during "Chapter: Intrusion" & "Chapter: Storm" (where the pirates invade your boat at night) -- results in Brad waking up on the boat later and getting chapter "Finding Friends" to trigger. During "Chapter: Finding Friends", Brad finds the gas mask in the locker room. Brad automatically comes through this locker room and sees corpses inside the lockers. Afterward, investigate the same locker twice in a row for gas mask -- results in Brad not being affected by Mansurian Gold chemical and he won't attack Fliss. Also don't pick up the Wrench/Spanner in the last section of "Finding Friends" so that Brad cannot attack Fliss with it (he can do this if he didn't get the gas mask and sees Fliss as a demon)

- Fliss went backtstage in "Chapter: Ritual" by pulling the lever in the side room, then went through the door behind the stage to get fresh air. This clears her head from the Mansurian Gold mist and when she comes back the ballroom hallucination will be gone and she sees the ship in present day again. When Brad comes, she won't see him as a hooded demon, but instead will see him as Brad (because she got fresh air the effects of Mansurian Gold chemical have been reduced).

- After the timer in "Ritual" has run out, Brad arrives. Fliss and Brad will recognize each other (not seeing each other as demons) and will proceed together to "Chapter: Pressure". If they see each other as demons you would get a different chapter and miss this!

Now for the actual dialogue that triggers the trait & trophy. In "Chapter: Pressure":

- In "Chapter: Pressure" you come to a point where Fliss & Brad must climb up. Afterward, investigate the broken-off ladder in the next room, walk back to where you climbed up and press X to start a dialogue. Fliss will be talking to Brad, just keep telling Brad to go down the hole by picking the following dialogues:
WORRIED "You go" Brad
FRIGHTENED "I'm not doing it" Brad
EXPECTANT "Go on with it" Brad
Fliss Trait Unlocked: Arrogant -- this unlocks the trophy
Note: There are multiple ways to unlock each of the trait trophies. If you have trouble with any of them, they will most likely come naturally during one of your many playthroughs and there are more opportunities for each trait in co-op because of more dialogue choices.


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