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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Get Instant Victories

Tutorial Name: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Get Instant Victories  

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Get Instant Victories

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot - Can't Touch This Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Get 50 instant victories on enemies (How to Get Instant Finishes). [Bronze]

round the open world you can see flying enemies. As you get close to them you'll see a distance measurement in the sky and a little arrow next to your character pointing in their direction.

The way you get instant victories is by pressing L3/LEFT STICK to fly faster and flying directly into these enemies in mid-air. This instantly kills them without having to engage in combat. Do this 50 times. You can still do it after the story in free-roam.

This is the ideal way to do it:

1) Go to Olive Village (East Ravine Area). Go to the south-east corner of that map above the ravine. Enemies tend to be below your level here and always respawn in the same place after a few seconds. See the video for location and demonstration.

2) When there's a distance measurement in the sky, press L1/LB to scan for the enemies. You will see a colored "cloud" when scanning. Only focus on blue clouds (means they are under your level). Stay away from yellow/red clouds, I found them to often go into combat instead of giving Instant Victories.

3) Adjust your elevation level to be perfectly aligned with the blue enemy "cloud" (press R1/R2 (RB/RT) to fly up or down while scanning with L1/LB ).

4) Fly forward and press L3/LEFT STICK to speed up and hit the enemy cloud straight on. This should instantly defeat them without going into combat. You can use any character for this, but it should be your highest level character (I used Goku). Your level doesn't matter. The hitbox is as wide as the cloud outline, which is the same for all enemy types (so small enemies have the same hitbox as big enemies).

5) If you are being chased by other enemies (eye icon in sky, red indicator around your character), fly away to lose the enemy. Never attempt this while being chased. Always stop using the fast flying L3 between enemies (they detect you from far away when you fly fast). Instead, hover slowly back and forth between enemy spawns until you see another distance indicator in the sky, adjust your height and repeat the process. Just fly back and forth at the same location and enemies will keep respawning (see video).


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