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Nioh 2: Clean Sweep Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Nioh 2: Clean Sweep Trophy Guide  

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Nioh 2: Clean Sweep Trophy Guide

Nioh 2 Clean Sweep Trophy Guide - Destroyed every Amrita shard in "The High-spirited Demon". [Bronze]

In Main Mission 15: The High-spirited Demon there are 6 big Amrita Shards. You must destroy all of them. Be careful as they cause you damage when near them.

Here are all the Amrita Shard locations:

1) On a cliff under the 1st Shrine.

2) After going downhill to a village area, head along the left side of the village to drop down to a Kamaitachi miniboss (cat yokai) in a woods area. The crystal is there.

3) After destroying the last spirit stone, follow the path behind it across a tree stump and you'll come to spirit stone number 3.

4) After the 2nd shrine you go in an area where you're being shot at with cannonballs. Open the gate on the right. It leads to a rooftop, through which you can drop down into a room with another crystal.

5) Just after passing through the area where you get shot at with cannonballs.

6) Just before the 4th Shrine where the last boulder is being rolled at you downhill.


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