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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - The 40-Yard Digital Dash

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - The 40-Yard Digital Dash  

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There are four Transport Data servers that were added into Breach Mode with this update. They can easily be identified both by name and their light-blue server icon. There is one Transport Data server in Network 1A, another in Network 1B, one in Network 2A, and another in Network 4A.

The objective in these Data Transport servers is to find the data sphere, which is usually tucked away at the "end" of the map, and extract it back to the escape point. You will not be able to jump while holding the data sphere, and if it's dropped or thrown, you only have a few seconds to pick it back up before it disappears and respawns at its starting location. Additionally, cloaking while holding the sphere will not help as enemy AI will still be able to see the data sphere.

When working on these servers you should plan your escape route in advance. Reinforcements will populate the map after the data sphere is retrieved, so plan accordingly with how they should be dealt with. Remember, if you drop the data sphere to kill AI defense units, do so quickly before the sphere resets itself.

The achievement will unlock after successfully completing any three Transport Data servers.


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