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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Too Hot to Handle

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Too Hot to Handle  

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Towards the end of the narrative, you will finally reach the server chamber area. This section is a little tricky given a new mechanic where cameras, drones, and robots can now detect heat signature. What this means is that the Glass-Shield Cloak aug won't cover your tracks from their line of sight. Instead, the only way to remain undetected by the security measures is to make use of the red "cooling" vents for cover. These vents will mask your heat signature, which means the best way to move around this massive room is by going from cover to cover.

Alternatively, if you have some Praxis Kits to spare, go ahead and dump them into the Hacking augs, specifically the Level 3 Hacking augmentation. Then when you enter the server chamber, you can access and hack the conveniently-placed security terminal as you enter the server. After hacking the terminal, you can manually turn off the cameras and drones, thus making this room much easier to navigate.

The achievement will unlock as soon as you interact with the NSN console provided you did not raise any hostile alerts inside the server chamber (raising suspicions is fine, though).


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