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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - 01011000

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - 01011000  

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This achievement is missable and is earned for completing Side Mission 06, 01011000.

This side mission can be triggered by approaching and examining one of the glitched advertisement panels in Prague. Take note they will only appear in this state during your second visit to Prague (after returning from Golem City).

After examining a glitched panel, you will receive a Point of Interest labeled "The Glitch." Follow the objective waypoint(s) throughout the mission; the objectives are relatively straightforward. The first will lead you to an abandoned store with three goons who are trying to break into a room that houses Helle's fragmented disk. You must take out these goons and loot their bodies for a pocket secretary. Read the pocket secretary, hack your way into the storage room, and pick up the fragmented disk.

Now make your way to the marked antique shop and speak with the store clerk. After some witty back and forth dialogue, he will pull a gun on you. It's imperative, should you want to end this matter peacefully, that you choose the "You're in danger" dialogue option when it appears; this will only appear if you looted and read to pocket secretary, though.

Once the store clerk leaves, continue to follow the objective waypoint and you will need to return to Jensen's apartment to activate and speak with Helle in private. After a lengthy, and quite interesting conversation, a few mobsters will break into Jensen's apartment. Slip by them however you see fit and escape the apartment complex. The achievement will unlock once you are in the clear.


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