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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Data Master

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Data Master  

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Breach is a secondary mode within the game that can be accessed via the Main Menu at any time. It's recommended however that this mode be played after your first or second playthrough, once you are familiar with the more intricate game mechanics of Mankind Divided.

In this simulation-like puzzle mode, you'll find yourself within the virtual world, moving from server to server - mission to mission - as you hack your way through the Palisade Server. In order to earn the three achievements tied to each Tier, you will need to complete every single server in their Network. This includes the Darknet File servers, but does not include Hyperlinks that unlock at 100% completion. Thus, don't worry about "perfecting" each server.

Just like the main game, you will have access to augs, weapons, and gadgets in this mode. Your objectives will vary from server to server, though they will rotate between collecting data fragments, downloading a set amount of data from information nodes, or eliminating a group of enemies (otherwise coined as "Units" in this mode). At times, there will be restrictions on a server, such as "No Augmentations," which strips your augs, or "Stealth Only," which means being spotted fails the mission.

You'll also earn credits and XP after each server has been completed, allowing you to purchase Booster Packs and ammo through the in-game store, and earn Praxis Kits upon leveling up.

There are no set strategies for the servers/missions in this mode. Play at your own pace, use the weapons you prefer, and unlock the augs that suit your playstyle. Lastly, keep these four key tips in mind while playing:

Focus on upgrading the EN_MODULE and CLOAK augs
Use Weapon Parts to upgrade the damage and other stats for your primary weapon(s), like the 10mm Pistol & Combat Rifle
Sell any and all weapons and ammo you don't use so you can amass credits to buy ammo for your primary weapon(s) when needed
Don't be afraid to use Cheat Modifiers as a means to make a server easier
Once all the servers in a single Network Tier have been completed, you will earn that Tier's respective achievement.

NOTE: If you make it to a new Tier and the achievement for the previous Tier has not yet unlocked, hold [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to move around freely outside of the server path. This will allow you to track down any servers that are isolated and you have missed. Remember, Hyperlinks that are locked until you gain 100% Network completion are not needed.


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