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Dead Rising 4 - No Compromise

Tutorial Name: Dead Rising 4 - No Compromise  

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Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising with the best ending on Blackest Friday difficulty.

Not only do you have to complete it on hard with the best ending (refer to "Pack Leader" for info on that), but you have to beat it on the hardest difficulty. The problem with this is, the only traits that carry over when you start a new game are the traits you get from trials. As such, it's strongly recommended to get all collectibles and complete all trials before trying Blackest Friday.

General tips for Blackest Friday:

Keep moving (unlimited sprint from one of the collectible trials is a must). Don't get into unnecessary battles. If the objective doesn't explicitly tell you to kill soldiers, and they're not directly in your way, don't engage them.
Once you've got it, roar will be your best friend. Once fully powered, it does everything from clearing out large groups of zombies (and refilling your feast meter along the way) to taking out soldiers. It will be your primary weapon against exo troopers.
Once you get roar, most of the challenges will become relatively easily. One exception is the first "feast to survive" challenge, which you're likely to get before you have roar. Don't just spam X - make sure you dash every couple of hits. The other exception is the last trial (to fully upgrade roar), where you will face two survivors armed with fire & ice swords. Use pounce to disarm them (they'll still do a lot of damage, but will no longer insta-kill you).
If you die (and you will), it will reload your last checkpoint, but the clock will keep ticking. The clock will stop, however, once you enter the final room (which is laughably easy compared to the part that comes before it). I probably died a dozen times (twice at the fire & ice guys, and a bunch of times at Barnaby's estate), and finished with about 10 minutes to spare, so there's enough time if you keep moving.
The hardest part by far is clearing out Barnaby's estate of soldiers and exo troopers. The best tactic against the exos is to use cover to run in close, hit them with a strong roar (hold [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] ), and then run away until it recharges. Rinse and repeat. You can also insta-kill regular soldiers with a fully-powered roar. Also, watch out for the rocket launcher guy in the basement. For that fight, it's best to lure the flame exo trooper upstairs to give you space to run. If the rocket launcher guy follows, hit him with a roar.


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