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Dead Rising 4 - #1 Ball Buster

Tutorial Name: Dead Rising 4 - #1 Ball Buster  

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Use every Ball Buster on other players.

Online required. There are 9 different Ball Buster types. When you hit a ball buster, the one you get is entirely random:

Ball swap: Balls swap places
Bouncy ball: The ball bounces crazily when it hits the ground
Fast swing meter: Your swing meter moves quickly
Hidden swing meter: Your swing meter is hidden
No arc: You can't see the arc of your shot
Personal obstacle: An obstacle spawns in front of the ball (I saw a swinging anchor and a door that opens and closes)
Randomizer: Makes the swing meter go crazy
Reduced shot power: Shot power is cut in half (in practice this means the swing meter only goes halfway up)
Small sweet spot: The sweet spot to hit the ball is smaller

This can take awhile - it took my boosting partner and I about 5-6 hours to do it (ironically, we got it on the same hole). Some notes that are helpful:

It doesn't matter who the roulette wheel settles on - even if you end up hitting yourself, it still counts.
If you hit a ball buster but your ball goes out of bounds, the roulette wheel won't pop up, and it won't count. An exception to this seems to be if it's your final shot of the round (i.e. shot number 7). I had the wheel pop up a couple of times when this happened.
If the other person has already sunk their ball in the hall, the roulette wheel won't show up. Ergo, the strategy for this achievement is to not get the ball in the hole until all ball busters are off the course.
If the other player is already affected by a ball buster, and you hit another one, the roulette wheel won't pop up.
Related to this, the person who shoots next is always whoever's farthest away from the hole. Thus, if the other person is already under the influence of a ball buster, and it's your turn to shoot, you have no choice but to get your ball closer to the hole than them.
I found Golden Apple Vineyards had the easiest Ball Busters to hit.


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