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Darksiders: Genesis - Gatekeeper

Tutorial Name: Darksiders: Genesis - Gatekeeper  

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Unlock every Trickster Door.

There are a total of 12 Trickster doors to unlock for this achievement. There are 11 in the main non-boss chapters and one hidden in the void. The doors are all marked on your map with a special icon, so I won't be including super specific directions or screenshots. However, their basic locations are as follows:

Chapter 1: After you meet Samael, in the Void area at the end of the level.
Chapter 2: Directly ahead of the start of the level.
Chapter 3: Just to the left of the Inferno Vault, down a snowy path.
Chapter 4: Just to the left of the rift for the "Close the Rift" achievement.
Chapter 5: To the left of the elevator you take down from the first floor.
Chapter 7: On the right side of the swamp right at the beginning of the level.
Chapter 8: At the very Eastern-most area of the map you'll find a large pipe off to the side of a door that looks like it would be a Trickster door. Jump into this pipe and at the bottom you will find the real door (as well as the final valve for the "Staunch the Flow" side-quest.
Chapter 11: Behind a waterfall toward the beginning of the level, left side of the river.
Chapter 12: All the way against the Eastern edge of the level in plain sight.
Chapter 14: When you reach the giant wall across the desert, head SW until you come to the door.
Chapter 15: At the very end of the level, before progressing the final bridge, head instead to the NE section of the map and drop down to a lower section to find the door.
The Void: This hidden door can be found by progressing a puzzle in the hub area, just to the right of the mission select portal. Use the video below if you need help getting through any part of the puzzle.
Once you open the 12th door, the achievement will unlock.


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