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Darksiders: Genesis - Soul Cache

Tutorial Name: Darksiders: Genesis - Soul Cache  

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Destroy all 4 Soul Caches in The Slag Pit.

Chapter 2: The Slag Pit has four large glowing balls that you'll have to destroy for this achievement. If you notice that the ball is blue, that means you haven't killed all the enemies nearby. Do this first and it should be orange and vulnerable. Use Strife's basic ranged attack to blow up the ball, claiming the souls. Repeat for the other three. Their locations are as follows:

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1. After the first set of stairs in the level, grapple across to a new platform.

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2. After your first encounter with the larger Legion Champion enemy, and opening a door with War's Vorpal Blade, this will be off to the right hanging over the edge.

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3. After defeating two mage enemies, jump up onto a new section in the NE corner to find this hanging in the air ahead of you.

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4. When you get to the final section of the level and need to unlock the middle of the platform, this will be in the area to the right with the Vorpal Blade puzzle. Once you destroy this final ball, the achievement will unlock.


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