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Final Fantasy VII: Staggering Feat Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Final Fantasy VII: Staggering Feat Trophy Guide  

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Final Fantasy VII: Staggering Feat Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake Staggering Feat Trophy Guide - Deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy. [Brohze]

There are three ways to increase an enemy's Stagger %. Using Tifa's Chi abilities (her default TRIANGLE attacks), will increase the % the higher her Chi level, with Whirling Uppercut being the lowest, Omnistrike the middle and Rise and Fall the highest. In order to use Omnistrike / Rise and Fall you must use Tifa's Unbridled Strength ability which consumes 1ATB and upgrades her TRIANGLE moves to cause more stagger increase. Secondly, the True Strike ability learned from Tifa's 6th weapon, Purple Pain (obtained in Chapter 16), will also increase it by 30% with each use. It costs 1ATB charge. Lastly, Aerith's Ray of Judgment will increase stagger damage % pretty significantly.
For the best enemy to get 300% on, it's recommended to fight Fat Chocobo in Chadley's VR simulation, as he has an incredibly long Stagger period. You might have to do this on Normal or Hard difficulty though, as on Easy there's a good chance he will die before you hit the 300% mark (if you're already high level). You find Chadley at multiple points in the game, for example Chapter 14 in Sector 5 Slums.

The best method is to buff Tifa twice in a row with Unbridled Strength to upgrade her TRIANGLE move to Rise and Fall. Build up another 2 ATB charges before Fat Chocobo is staggered. Then use two TRIANGLE moves Rise and Fall + Omnistrike. Use your 2 ATB charges to cast True Strike (+60% stagger). Attack with TRIANGLE Whirling Uppercut to get 5% stagger increase with each hit and it also builds up more ATB. When you have 1 ATB use True Strike again. This way you can easily get bosses to over 400% stagger in a few seconds. For 300% stagger you can actually do it by just using Unbridled Strength, True Strike is not mandatory but makes it easier.

Note: During Chapter 18 there's a bike sequence with a boss that you'll automatically stagger to more than 300% but this one doesn't unlock the trophy! You have to use the legit method.


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