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Final Fantasy VII: Peeress of Pull Ups Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Final Fantasy VII: Peeress of Pull Ups Trophy Guide  

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Final Fantasy VII: Peeress of Pull Ups Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake Peeress of Pull-Ups Trophy Guide - Complete all pull-up challenges. [Bronze]

Chapter 14 - Side Quest: Wavering Heart

In Chapter 14, as soon as you can free roam, return to the Gym in Wall Market (Sector 6 Slums) where the Squat Challenge took place in Chapter 9.

There will be a quest giver in the gym for Side Quest "Wavering Heart". Completing this Side Quest automatically completes the first Pull-Up Challenge (Trainee level). After this you need to talk to two other people in the gym - Jay for the Amateur challenge and Jules for Pro challenge. Complete all 3 of them and the trophy will unlock.

It's very similar to the Squat Challenges. All you do is press some buttons in a rhythm. The difference this time is that the button combo you must press changes each round so you need to readjust your button presses. The timing aspect is still the same as with Squats. The more successful pull-ups you do in succession, the faster you can press the buttons and build up more speed. When you get fatigued a button prompt shows up on screen and you must smash this button quickly or else you fall down. The trick to winning is to just do it without falling down. Your opponents will always fall down at some point, as long as you don't mess up and build up your speed, you will overtake them.


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I can't win this. Nothing I've tried works (turning off voices & music, focusing on Tifa, etc). I literally only need this one and the Hardened Veteran trophies to plat this game.