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Final Fantasy VII: Crate Annihilator Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Final Fantasy VII: Crate Annihilator Trophy Guide  

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Final Fantasy VII: Crate Annihilator Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake Crate Annihilator Trophy Guide - Complete all Normal difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges. [Bronze]

Chapter 8 - Side Quest: A Verified Hero

Requirements: In Chapter 8 complete Side Quests "Kids on Patrol" - "A Verified Hero".

In "A Verified Hero" Side Quest you get to play Whack-a-Box. This can be repeated after the side quest as many times as you wish.

In order to get this trophy you must beat the high score of 30,000 points. It's only one challenge, not multiple. This challenge consists of smashing some boxes within a time limit.

There are 3 colors of boxes: Yellow is for points only, Blue is for points + ATB gauge, Red is for bonus time.

The basic strategy for reaching 30,000 is that you must reach as many red time blocks as possible and not get stuck trying to clear all boxes in one area. The only two attacks you're going to use are holding SQUARE for a circular sword slash (destroys yellow boxes in 1 hit, blue boxes in 2 hits) and the "Triple Slash" ability of the Iron Blade sword.

Be sure to equip the Iron Blade weapon for Cloud, it has the "Triple Slash" Ability. Use Triple Slash twice on those large 1500 point boxes that are blocking your way. Two uses are enough to destroy them, which is the fastest method. From those 1500 point boxes only destroy those that are mandatory to advance, they take too long and give too few points so don't get stuck with them.

What you must do is connect the path from one red time box to the next as fast as possible, doing a few :square: sword slashes where lots of boxes are close together, but not slowing down to destroy small numbers of boxes. Ignore all 1500 point boxes except those mandatory to advance.


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