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Final Fantasy VII: Biker Boy Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Final Fantasy VII: Biker Boy Trophy Guide  

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Final Fantasy VII: Biker Boy Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake Biker Boy Trophy Guide - Get praised by Jessie at the end of the motorcycle mini-game. [Bronze]

The Bike Sequence takes place at the very start of the chapter and lasts around 10 minutes. First you drive in a tunnel where some enemies on bikes and drones will attack you. You can accelerate with R2 and slow down with L2. Drive up to the enemies and attack with :square: or use your special :triangle: ability for a strong attack (takes time to recharge). Pressing L1 + TRIANGLE lets you do a long-range shooting attack which is great against enemies that are far away from you (kills drones in 1 hit).

After you exit the tunnel you will be chased by Roche, the Bike Boss in this mini-game. He is the only tricky part and on the first playthrough you will likely fall below the trophy-required health threshold because of him. He switches between a flurry of multiple ranged attacks (block with L1 ) and a single heavy ranged attack (evade by driving to the side). Halfway through the fight he will drive on the side of the walls and summon electricity (evade by driving a slalom left and right). After he has done a few ranged attacks he will slow down and you can damage him, make use of your :triangle: attack and deal him SQUARE hits. Try to get as much damage in as possible. When he is about to use a melee bike slam, drive sideways and it won't hit you if you're far enough away.

On the first playthrough of the chapter you will probably miss this trophy. Either keep a Save Game at the end of Chapter 3 so you can reload and repeat immediately, or do it via Chapter Select after the story.


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