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Final Fantasy VII: Heavenly Dart Player Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Final Fantasy VII: Heavenly Dart Player Trophy Guide  

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Final Fantasy VII: Heavenly Dart Player Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake Heavenly Dart Player Trophy Guide - Rise to the top of the Seventh Heaven darts leaderboard. [Bronze]

Chapter 3 / Objective: Talking Strategy / Area: Residential Area

After you rescued Johnny in Chapter 3 you will go back to Seventh Heaven Bar with Tifa. At this point the story objective forces you to use the Darts Minigame to pass time. This is where you can get the trophy. If you missed this you can replay Chapter 3 via Chapter Select after the story (you also come back to the bar once more in Chapter 4).

To beat the leaderboard highscore you must win the Darts Minigame in 7 throws or less (6 throws being the bare minimum possible). The record is 8. Getting it in 8 throws won't unlock the trophy, it has to be 7 to beat the leaderboard. You need to clear 301 points total to win.

The easiest method is to make 5 throws in the bullseye (5 x 50 = 250 points), 1 throw in T17 (3 x 17 = 51 points). This way you can finish in 6 darts, allowing you to mess up 1 throw and still get it in 7 total. You don't even need to hit the red center of the bullseye, hitting the green ring around it still gives 50 points.

On each throw the cursor will be shaking. Put the cursor over the bullseye and steer against the cursor shake (so if you notice the cursor pulling to the right you very slightly pull left to keep it centered). When the cursor narrows down to a yellow circle you make your throw - it will hit exactly where you're aiming. So basically you need to get 2 things right: balance the cursor wobble and have perfect timing.

You only have 2 opportunities per dart to have a perfectly narrow cursor. Always throw on the 2nd opportunity. It's better to ignore the 1st opportunity and balance out the cursor wobble instead to make it stay in the center.

If you mess up you can pause and quit the minigame immediately to retry it. You don't need to finish it every time, that would only waste time. It takes quite a lot of practice but you can retry as often as you want.


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