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Final Fantasy VII: The Johnny Experience Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Final Fantasy VII: The Johnny Experience Trophy Guide  

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Final Fantasy VII: The Johnny Experience Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy VII Remake has 5 Johnny Incidents for The Johnny Experience trophy. They involve side quests and events that have to do with a character called Johnny.

You first encounter him automatically in Chapter 3. The next four encounters are all semi-missable. Meaning if you'd miss them, you'd have to replay the entire chapters they appear in through chapter select (unlocked after story).

#1 Chapter 3 - Automatic from story, unmissable.

#2 Chapter 9 - When you reach Wall Market, on your way to Corneo's mansion Johnny will run away from you (purple Discovery Event). Catch up to him and pick his dialogue "Yeah"

#3 Chapter 9 - Complete Side Quest "The Party Never Stops". REQUIRED CHAPTER 9 CHOICES TO UNLOCK THIS QUEST:

    - Sam Dialogue (Chocobo Cowboy): When describing Tifa to him pick "She's in great Shape".
    - In Wall Market, complete the Johnny Discovery Event (where he runs away from you). After catching him pick his first dialogue "Yeah".
    - In Wall Market, talk to the guy standing in front of the hotel, select dialogue "How much?"
    - In Wall Market, talk to hotel receptionist, select dialogue "Yes".
    - After this head to the next main objective at Corneo's mansion where you meet the Trio.
    - When Sam does the coin flip, pick "No deal.".
    - Pick the cheapest massage "Poor Man's Course - 100G"
    - When Aerith asks how you like her outfit "It's alright".
    - Complete 'The Underground Colosseum' main objective.

#4 Chapter 14 - Complete Side Quest "Tomboy Bandit". It's given to you by Johnny at the Train Station.

#5 Chapter 14 - Return to Johnny at Train Station, he will be marked as a purple Discovery Event. Complete this and the trophy will pop.


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