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MediEvil: Rock Wrangler Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: MediEvil: Rock Wrangler Trophy Guide  

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MediEvil: Rock Wrangler Trophy Guide

Level: Cemetery Hill

Cemetery Hill is a very short chapter that consists only of you going up a hill with rocks rolling down of it. You must reach the top of the hill without getting hit by any of the rolling rocks (getting hit by enemies is fine though).

The path starts in the middle of the area, where a pool of lava is. Jump up the crevices between the rocks, they are shortcuts and make it easier. Let the rocks roll past you and jump from one crevice to the next. You'll want to keep jumping at all times while pushing the Left Stick up to stay close to the wall, thereby the rolling rocks will often miss you while in mid-air. Alternatively, you are also allowed to block the rocks with a shield. After every 4 rocks there's a short break to move further to the next crevice. The tricky part is the lava rocks, those will sometimes roll down the crevices and sometimes they'll take the long path around.

Method: If you are quick enough you can avoid most rocks. Ignore all enemies when the level starts, jump up the 1st crevice in the middle, the 2nd crevice on the right, 3rd crevice on the right, 4th crevice on the left -- if you're quick you'll already be 70% up the hill and the grey rocks haven't even rolled past you yet! Being fast at the start really helps. Wait in the 5th crevice, then after 3-4 rocks there will be a short break to run over to the 6th crevice on the right. Again wait for 3-4 rocks to roll past you (however, sometimes you get unlucky and the lava rock rolls down the crevice where you hide, other times it doesn't), then quickly take the 7th crevice in the middle and you'll be at the top. It's best to wait in the 7th crevice until the gargoyles have spit out 3-4 rocks and there's a short break where you can safely move on.

The trophy unlocks as soon as you go through the door on the hilltop.

If you got hit by a rock, simply pause the game and click "Restart Level". If you've already beaten the level you can replay it via map select, the trophy isn't missable because of that.


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