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MediEvil: The Answer Is Chicken Trophy

Tutorial Name: MediEvil: The Answer Is Chicken Trophy  

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MediEvil: The Answer Is Chicken Trophy

You get 30 Chicken Legs (aka Chicken Drumsticks) every time you complete the Witch's Quest in Level "The Enchanted Earth". This means you must do her quest twice to get 60 Chicken Legs (note: you can only carry 30 at once, so throw away 30 then do the quest again to refill 30 legs).

Afterward, select "Chicken Drumsticks" from your inventory and throw them with Square. Also combine this with trophy "Colonel Fortesque's Special Recipe".

Step 1 - Level: Cemetery Hill (Witch Talisman): First you must get the "Witch Talisman". It's found in Level: Cemetery Hill. On the hill with the rolling rocks you can jump down the left side to find a hidden chest with a club weapon inside. Use the club to smash the big boulder to the right of the starting area. This leads to the witch cave. Put the club on fire by holding Circle near a fire source, then light up the object in the middle of the prison cells, inside the witch cave. This opens the prison cells, the Witch Talisman is found in there. It's the same place as this level's Chalice location.

Step 2 - Level: The Enchanted Earth (Quest #1): Use the Witch Talisman on the green Cauldron in Level "The Enchanted Earth". You do this by opening the inventory with Touchpad near the cauldron. Accept the quest the witch gives you. She shrinks you and puts you in an ant cave. Once in the cave, grab the club weapon from the chest, then destroy the wall on the right side to find a fairy. The fairy opens the portal to the ant cave. Your job is to find 7 pieces of amber that are guarded by the ants. After getting 7 pieces of amber, destroy the big amber glass wall at the end of the cave (there's a readable book there as well). Then drop down behind this amber glass wall to the Queen Ant boss. Defeat the Queen Ant. Afterward you get ported out of the cave and the Witch Quest is done. She gives you 30 Chicken Legs each time you play her quest.

Step 3: Any Level - Load up any level, select Chicken Drumsticks from Inventory (Touchpad) and Square to throw the legs. Make sure you finish the level to save the progress. If you need additional chicken legs, replay the Witch's quest in Enchanted Earth once more.


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