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MediEvil: How to Unlock Original PS1 Game

Tutorial Name: MediEvil: How to Unlock Original PS1 Game  

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MediEvil: How to Unlock Original PS1 Game

The MediEvil PS4 Remake / Remaster (2019) has a very unique bonus feature. You can unlock the original PS1 version within the PS4 Remake / Remaster. This guide explains how to do just that.

What's special about the MediEvil PS4 Remake is that a whole new set of collectibles and side quests have been added, called "Lost Souls". Finding all 19 Lost Souls and Laying them to Rest will unlock the PS1 version in the main menu.

    1. Level: Entrance Hall - take the right path downstairs and open the blue chest to unlock Lost Souls. These Souls will give you riddles and you must place the souls in specific places throughout the game to lay them to rest. There are 19 Lost Souls in total.

    2. You'll notice every level now has an "S" icon on the map, this signals whether the Lost Soul has been found there or not. You'll have to replay all levels for these.

    3. After All 19 Lost Souls have been located and put to rest, go to the Main Menu to unlock the original PS1 game version! It has the original graphics of the original game and is compatible with the PS4 Controller. Enjoy!


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