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Dark Souls III - The Nameless King

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - The Nameless King  

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Defeat Nameless King.

OPTIONAL BOSS. Found in Archdragon Peak.

You need to get the Path of the Dragon gesture from the room behind the boss in the Consumed Garden, then use it by the dragon statue in Irithyll Dungeon to get to this location. To access him you must reach the large bell and then pull the lever to activate it. You can then drop onto the fog floor by the lever and go forward to the boss gate. He is a tough fight and uses a lot of lightning so any protection you have against that would be handy.

He comes in two stages. The first is with him on his dragon. He has a range of attacks: he does a one, two or three hit combo with his spear, he charges his spear with lightning and then dives forward to smash the ground, the dragon flies straight up and then breathes fire directly below him (run as soon as he starts doing this), he flies in a circle and lobs a lightning spear at you and then swoops straight at you after or the dragon breathes fire in an arc ahead of him. In truth this stage is the easier one. Stay just in front of the dragon (rather than underneath or the side) and bait the spear or lightning smash attacks, roll through them and smack the dragons head two/three times then back off (or shield up). If he does the sweeping breath attack roll to one side of the head get some strikes in. You can dodge roll past the lightning spears. At some point you will stagger the dragon - get close to the head and hit RB to do massive damage in a triggered animation. Then get a couple more hits in as he recovers. Once the dragon dies it's onto stage two.

This bit is brutal. The King has a number of VERY fast combos and attacks, some so quick they can break your lock on and hit you in the back. At close range he will use rapid combos and try and kick you. At medium range he will do a rapid dash attack or jump in the air and try and smash you (this has a long recovery so is good for getting a hit in). At long range he will do a wide sweeping wave attack followed by a single quick wave attack (you can dodge both if you roll sideways enough) or just the single wave attack which has slight homing properties. DO NOT GET GREEDY, stick to single hits. Personally I used a bow and arrows, kept massive distance and hit him two/three times with arrows, dodged the long range wave attacks and dodged like crazy when he got close until I had range again. I still needed a lot of healing as the timing for dodging is not that generous. Good luck.


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