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Dark Souls III - Champion Gundyr

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Champion Gundyr  

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Defeat Champion Gundyr.

OPTIONAL BOSS. Found in Untended Graves.

After beating the boss of the Consumed Garden go into the room behind him and smack the wall behind the far chest to reveal the path to this location. You can summon the Sword Master nearby if you killed him at Firelink Shrine (he is the katana enemy to the left of the main entrance there) but he is fairly useless. He's a much more powerful version of the first boss and he uses a lot of rapid spear attacks, smashes, kicks and charge moves. If you can bring in help then that would be ideal as he is extremely relentless and a distraction can help you heal or get some strikes in. As it is, try and bait his long combos and strike when you dodge the last move, or when he misses his lengthy charge attack. At the halfway stage he gets a bit more peeved off and moves slightly faster, but no new attacks are added so stay cautious and stick to picking attacks only when you know you won't get hit in return.


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