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Dark Souls III - Dragonslayer Armour

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Dragonslayer Armour  

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Defeat Dragonslayer Armour.

Found in Lothric Castle.

You can summon Eygon from inside the church to the right of the boss gate if you've been keeping up with his story, plus you can summon Sirris of the Sunless Realms if you're on good terms too - her sign is on the steps in front of the gate. The boss is imbued with lightning so any defense against that is welcome, however, expect him to do massive damage either way do to the strength of his hits in general. He will lunge at you as soon as you enter so be prepared to dodge, then be ready for his two or three hit combos. They often end in a big shield bash which you want to avoid at all costs as it can leave you wide open.

He with also do a big sweeping attack that you can generally roll past and a large lightning smash in front of himself, if you can roll past him as he does this then you can easily get a couple of hits in. Watch out for his attacks smashing the edge of the arena here, as you can easily get knocked to an instant death.

At half health the area will randomly start getting pelted with projectiles from either side so try not so stand still, wait for openings in his combos and chip away at him.


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