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Dark Souls III - Crystal Sage

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Crystal Sage  

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Defeat Crystal Sage.

Found on the Road of Sacrifices.

You can summon Eygon from behind a pillar in the room just before this boss if you freed Irina. This boss can be nasty, try and have items that block magic if possible. The key to this fight is speed. As soon as you enter he will be opposite and casting a spell, dash forward and try to dodge whatever he throws at you, then get a long combo on him before he can cast again. He'll teleport away after taking so much damage. He'll generally pop up in the farthest corner so get over there fast. While the pillars here CAN block the smaller homing spells, they do not block his massive soulmass casts - so be wary.

Repeat until he gets down to half health and then he starts to summon clones too, you can tell as they use blue magic to his purple stuff and can be killed in one hit. His moves stay the same so try and clear them out and close the range to him to chip away at his health. Always dodge roll as much as possible to evade spells you can't see. He doesn't have a ton of health but he can swiftly take you down if you get caught in a few spells.


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