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Dark Souls III - Curse-rotted Greatwood

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Curse-rotted Greatwood  

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Defeat the Curse-rotted Greatwood.

Found in the Undead Settlement.

WARNING: Do not kill him before finding the Mound Makers covenant.

This imposing tree is actually fairly easy once you know the trick. His body has a number of white growths that you can smash for huge damage. As you enter there will also be a number of hollows around (and they keep respawning in the first half) so kill two or three of them to activate him. At this point he swipes with his hands, does a forward smash attack with both arms, tries to roll on you or stands up and then slams back down. All are easily dodged, but watch out for the smaller enemies too - though he often kills them for you.

First of all target his left hand and destroy the growth there for big damage, then do the same on his left leg (it's slightly higher up but only takes a couple of hits) for more damage. Then destroy the sacs on his groin area, watching out for his smash attacks. This will take him to half health and he'll smash the floor and you drop down. The villagers now stop spawning. He sprouts a large arm from his middle that you want to avoid. Get to his back and smash the sacs there, then the ones on his right side at the front, then the ones in the middle again. At this point he is practically dead and you can just didge the white arm and smack it a couple of times to finish him.


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