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Dark Souls III - Covenant: Aldritch Faithful

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Covenant: Aldritch Faithful  

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Discover Aldritch Faithful covenant.

Found in Irithyll of Boreal Valley.

Just after the Pontiff boss fight you come to an area with deacons on the bridge to your left, two giants (and some dead ones) ahead of you and a couple of angry NPC enemies. Kill everything and then head into the building up the stairs past the field of giants. Hit the wall to the left of the stairs in here to reveal a ladder. Head down and be ready for a fight. On this room are TWO of the wolf beasts like the one you fought on the bridge into Irithyll.

A good plan is to use the Silvercat Ring. Hit the one on the left with a ranged attack to aggro him and then climb partway up the ladder (high enough so he can't knock you off) when he gets below you, drop off and do a plunging attack for massive damage. Now stay in the area by the ladder to chip away at him. Dodge his rapid attacks and only strike back when he has a long recovery (like his breath attack). Once he is dead the other enemy is easier, As you can kite them around one of the pillars and only strike when they are recovering.

Now approach the Archdeacon in the far corner to join. You must get rank 1 in this Covenant to get a required spell, which means you need 10 Human Dregs. One is found in this room and you can farm the others from the Deacons in the area you passed through to get here or in Anor Londo. The drop rate is roughly one in thirty if you have the Symbol of Avarice, Golden Covetous Serpent Ring and use a Rusted Coin.


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