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Dark Souls III - Lord of Cinder: Yhorm the Giant

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Lord of Cinder: Yhorm the Giant  

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Lord of Cinder: Yhorm the Giant.

Found in the Profaned Capital.

You can make this boss fight SUPER easy by completing Siegwalds quest line as follows.

1) At the end of the Undead Settlement you'll come to a tower with a lift that goes up and down. When you arrive wait for Siegwald to step off the lift the comes up from below and speak to him repeatedly. Then step on the lift and quickly step off. Another lift comes down. Ride that to the top and speak to the giant to make peace. Then ride it back down but hop onto the wooden ledge halfway down when you hear Siegwald.

2) Speak to Siegwald again on the ledge overlooking the fire demon. Once he repeats go and engage the demon and he will help. Once it dies speak to him repeatedly again (you get two gestures) until he falls asleep.

3) In the Cathedral of the Deep you need to open the main blue doors (that lead back to the graveyard you came through earlier) from inside. You can access these doors either by pulling a lever near the Rosaria's Fingers room and crossing the raised bridge or by going up an elevator near the boss door. Once they are open head back to the Cleansing Chapel bonfire and out the main doors here they look right to see a well, interact with it to find Siegwald stuck down here. Talk to him repeatedly.

4) Head back to Firelink and into the tower that you need to buy the key for (20,000 souls from the Shrine Handmaid). Head up the tower over the roof and take the lift up the next tower to the top. Head back down the lift and Patches will have locked you in. Speak to him repeatedly (MAKE SURE TO DO THIS). Then use the ledges nearby to drop down to safety. Head back into Firelink and up the stairs on your right to find Patches just past the openings that lead outside. REFUSE to forgive him for a gesture, and then buy ALL of Siegwalds armour from him.

5) Go back to the Cleansing Chapel bonfire and speak to Siegwald down the well again, give him his armour back (get another gesture here) and wait until he repeats.

6) Head through Irithyll of the Boreal Valley to the Church of Yorshka bonfire. Go down the steps here, through the dark room with invisible enemies and down more steps to the water. Follow the left hand wall to a sewer head in here (watch out for the spider woman) and up the steps on the opposite wall to find Siegwald by a fire. Speak to him for a spell and then he falls asleep again.

WARNING: Do not go to Irithyll Dungeon BEFORE doing this step or the quest is lost.

7) Now when you eventually get to Irithyll Dungeon you find a room with a giant and a load of rats kill them all (the rats respawn a few times). But before dropping down go down the ladder from the top ledge and into another sewer that has more rats in. Proceed forward to find two chests at the very end - BE CAREFUL AS ONE IS A MINIC and five basilisks will have dropped down behind you. Kill them and open the other chest for the Old Cell Key. Then go back to the room the giant was in and drop into the room to speak to Siegwald in his cell until he repeats.

8) Head to the Profaned Capital, and when you reach the toxic swamp area climb up the ladder on the building here. Follow the roof round and go up the stairs. There is an NPC up here that drops on the of the Spell Scrolls. From this roof look at the wall above the steps you came up to see an opening you can jump to. Do so and follow the path to Siegwalds cell. Open it and grab the Titanite Slab and speak to him repeatedly.

9) Head to the Yhorm boss fight at the end of the Profaned Capital. You can summon an ally if you want (only one) and then when you cross the fog a cutscene will occur and Siegwald will automatically join you. HE DOES HUGE DAMAGE TO THE BOSS. You can pretty much do nothing if you want or run to the throne and pick up the other Storm Ruler weapon to help out (charge it first and then attack).


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