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Dark Souls III - Ultimate Estus

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Ultimate Estus  

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Reinforce the Estus Flask to the highest level.

You start with a flask and four shots of Estus (one is assigned to your Ashen Flask) but need to find eleven more to max out your flask. Here is the order you should grab them in:

1) In the High Wall of Lothric head to the Tower on the Wall bonfire, go down the steps and out of the door ahead onto a rooftop. Down the ladder here and then down the ladder at the other end of the roof. At the bottom follow the path straight ahead until you reach a large room with the shard on an anvil.

2) In the Undead Settlement go through the first large building and at the bottom you'll come out into an open area with a bridge on the right and plenty of enemies around a bonfire on the left. The shard is in front of the bonfire.

3) Buy the Tower Key for 20,000 souls from the Handmaid in Firelink, then head outside the arches on the top level of the shrine and head left to open the door. Head up to the next roof where the birds nest is and you can drop down to a ledge below, find an opening here to enter the Shrine raftters to find this item on a corpse.

4) As you go past the Crucifixion Woods bonfire in Road of Sacrifices, head to the building ahead but go down the left side. You'll come to a ledge looking down on a bonfire with two large hollows, the shard is on a corpse down here.

5) Right outside the door of the Cleansing Chapel bonfire. The shard is on a corpse surrounded by four praying enemies.

6) From Farron Keep bonfire head forward and slightly left to a broken bridge to find this on the other side near a toppled tower.

7) From the Old King's Antechamber bonfire in Smouldering Lake go and hit an illusionary wall in the far right corner. Go through here and look down the left corridor, there are a bunch of slimes on the ceiling so kill them and grab this from the floor at the end.

8) From the Anor Londo bonfire go up the stairs then left at the top and into the room with the dead giant, go up the stairs in here and follow the path down killing deacons on the way. When you get to main floor at the bottom face away from the boss room and check along the right side for a chest with this shard.

9) From the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire head straight and then left, cross the bridge here and left at the other side to find stairs leading down. Head along the downstairs and outside to some large steps. Follow them down past the enemies to a room with a chest - IT'S A MIMIC, so kill it to get the shard.

10) After you kill the Dancer of Boreal Valley, head up the ladder and then left to the stairs, kill the knight and take the lift but jump to a ledge halfway down. Grab the shard from a corpse on the ledge outside.

11) In the Grand Archives climb all the way to the highest roof, where three large Gold Winged Knights drop down to attack you. If you go to the right side of this big roof area (as you enter) you'll find the shard on a corpse.


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